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La Raquetista, one of the best food houses in the city, seasonal product, large wine cellar and unique recipes make our small restaurant a must for foodlovers, at the bar or in our small dining room, you choose, are you ready?



The birthday of your father, the anniversary of your best friend … there are many reasons to want to give a tribute in La Raquetista. Follow the steps of the link and thank you for thinking of us.




The beginnings of Javier as a chef go back to 1996 in the Mallorcan tavern of his uncle Antontxu (La Bodega Santurce).

The summer of 2015 closes Santurce Winery 53 years after its opening, and that same year, Javier and his brother Paco open La Raquetista, in homage to the winery and the history of Basque pelota players in their maternal family: great-grandfather, grandmother, uncles …

Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Mallorca, Tijuana, Miami, Milan, Alexandria or Manila were some of the cities where they played and lived.

The cuisine of La Raquetista is a cuisine that comes from the family tradition but travels as their ancestors traveled, with the basket and racket in the suitcase, a kitchen with sense, soul and love.


Red partridge, amanita cesarean, truffle from Alba …

And also Navarrese vegetables, game meat, fish from the best fish markets … in La Raquetista the product comes first and our own unique recipes make it the undisputed star.


They say they are one of the best in Madrid … our famous torreznos who have created a school.

Light, mellow and very crispy.

Madrid tradition renewed.

Cod fritters

A classic in our bar.

Soft, sweet and accompanied by our Biscayan sauce.

Red Scottish Partridge Rice

We turn to more forceful dishes … Accompanied by a delicious date pate and its livers.

Monkfish bilbaina style

A classic, black-bellied monkfish, roasted whole with its garlic and roasted vegetables. Ideal to share.

Ratatouille with smoked sturgeon

The traditional ratatouille with the sapid power of the sturgeon and the mellowness of the roasted yolk.

Chickpeas with black sausage, mushrooms and foie gras

Providing new stews to the traditional recipe book is one of our challenges. Iconic dish of La Raquetista.

Curried cow tail Massaman

Another recipe for worship. National ox tail curry, which with our genuine Thai recipe, has become a must.

Buffalo Steak Tartare

Colmenar Viejo water buffalo, km 0 raw material and raised in semi freedom, healthy and tasty.

Torrija de sobao pasiego

We substitute the bread for the mythical sobaos of Selaya from “El Macho”. The result can not be explained, you have to come and discover it.


Wines chosen conscientiously.

“The search for the perfect wines for our menu has been and is an obsession”

Paco Aparicio

Paco was for 15 years a press officer of major automotive brands, which allowed him to travel and eat in many of the great restaurants of Spain and the world. This experience was fundamental to develop his senses and his love for wine: “to know wine you must have drunk good wine”. This development and learning is complemented with the title of sommelier by the Chamber of Commerce, achieved brilliantly. Paco with Raul Salcedo, director and also sommelier, are in constant research to offer the best possible wine offer, based on quality, variety and fair price.


This they say behind our backs…

“Between chickpeas and curry”

The same offer very traditional elaborations that fusion recipes. The important thing is that they are all delicious … As it shows the great Chickpeas with Black Butifarra, Chantarelas and Foie or the impeccable tripe with legs and noses to the Madrid … Javier Aparicio dominates the stews


“To compete, and to compete well”

After updating the tapas bar and giving it a welcome gastronomic twist with its Cachivache de Chamartín, the Aparicio brothers do the same with the enlightened tasca … Just try a few dishes … to see that here too, they are on the right track.


“La Raquetista, a tavern with traditional flavors”

His cuisine is direct and sincere, and can be seen in a menu composed of traditional recipes that he covers but which he produces without flourishes, well executed and always respecting the authentic flavors of seasonal ingredients that he finds daily in the market.


Because this is not a tavern to use, although yes, there are also ham and bravas, but it has a differential point at the level of quality and proposal. And above all, a lot of flavor. In fact, I find it difficult to recommend a dish of the particular menu.


You need something?

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